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Website cookie policy

Website cookie policy

The website may use cookies.

A cookie is a small-sized file (less than 4 ko), stored by the website on the user’s hard-drive, containing information on the user’s preferences.

The file enables the website to process statistics and information on traffic, to facilitate browsing and to improve the user’s experience.

The consent of the user is required if the cookies entail the storage and analysis of personal data,

The consent of the user is deemed to have been granted for a maximum period of 13 (thirteen) months. On expiry of this period, the website will again seek the user’s agreement to store cookies on his or her hard-drive.

a. Deletion of cookies

The user can delete or block cookies through the browser controls. For further information please refer to: https://www.aboutcookies.org/how-to-delete-cookies/

If you block cookies, you may be continue to browse the website; however, certain functions and pages may not work in the usual way.

b. Description of the cookies used by the website

The following cookies are used when browsing:

Name of cookie : _ga and _gid Origin: Google

Purpose: analyse and obtain statistics on visits