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Because of the broad scope of EU law, it is inevitable that untangling the legal net due to Brexit will create regulatory issues across almost all fields of the law. If the UK and EU legal systems sprout branches which head in different directions, there will inevitably be issues in terms of differing standards, variations in consumer protection, sales warranties which will affect contracts of all kinds.

The putting in place of customs barriers or the need to put in place protection against variations in currency exchange rates may well encourage manufacturers to set up production plants either in the UK or on the European continent. In terms of investments in production by UK companies in the EU, the Hauts-de-France region and the Lille area in particular, offer significant advantages. Lille is the closest major European city to London. It is at the heart of a dense infrastructure network.

In Extenso Avocats is a new firm of French lawyers with extensive experience in assisting clients from outside France in setting up and in doing business in France, accompanying them in company law, advising on leases for premises, assisting with employment contract, advising on contracts.

In the field of employment law, a full range of services are offered to clients. Brexit could well lead to a limitation on the free movement of workers. Moreover, the trend towards the harmonisation of employment law across the EU could cease in respect to the UK.